Clinical Based Services


Our innovative clinical facility offers three disciplines of pediatric therapy under one roof, ensuring that no child, disability, or age group is left behind. Together, our physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy helps children become independent participants in their community—in places like school, at home, or out in public.

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Early Intervention

Early Intervention are services and supports to help infants and toddlers from birth to three years old with disabilities or delays in their development. These services are intended to help eligible children learn new skills, overcome challenges, and increase success in life.

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Community Based Services


Our caregivers supervise children in the family’s home, giving parents time to take care of themselves, focus on their spouse or other children, and come back revitalized for their child.

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Inclusive Childcare

One-on-one aides work collaboratively with after-school programs to properly assess, evaluate, and include children with disabilities in-center activities.

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UP to Us Club offers monthly, seasonal, and ongoing activities to children and teens with and without disabilities. UP to Us Club is a place for adventure and friendship, where inclusion thrives! Sign up to participate in art and dance classes, Club Days, field trips, UP on 2 Wheels Bike Camp, and more!

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Family Support Services

UP believes that a true form of long-lasting support engages the child’s family members. To that end, we provide ongoing educational workshops and support groups for both parents and siblings.

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