Swap Meet

UP established the Swap Meet to connect families with new and used equipment to donate or sell, with families who are looking for deeply discounted equipment for their children or family members. If you would like to post an item on our bulletin board, please email the following information to [email protected]:

-Provide a short description of the item

-State if you would like to donate, sell (include the price) or need an item

-Provide your contact name & preferred method of contact (email address or phone number)

Swap Meet listings will be updated monthly and items are to be distributed by the individual. Please understand that UP cannot store equipment at our facility; however, we will attempt to link you with a family needing your equipment. Donations of equipment can be acknowledged by UP for tax purposes upon request. If you would like to sell, donate, or are in need of an item, please click the button below to state your need or item(s) you're trying to sell and/or donate.