Who We Are

There are some who say, “it simply can’t be done,” who see the final diagnosis and not the ultimate potential. There are some who do the work and call it a day, who think inside the textbook lines and never question what’s possible. Then there’s us. A family very much like your own, focused on changing the rules and defying the unsubstantiated limits placed on every child and family with a disability. We’re different, which is perhaps why we embrace and celebrate every difference that comes before us--no matter the diagnosis. Your child, and your family, belong with a family of visionary therapists, specialists, and caregivers to help fulfill what’s imaginable; to advocate for your joy and progress and quality of life. And while some simply do the work and call it a day, we push what’s “possible” and consider it our calling.




Together, we brought life-changing and supportive programs to children and families! Our deepest gratitude to those who chose to partner with us so far, this 2022 Calendar Year. Please note, this is not a complete list of all donors - reach out to us to learn more!