Our caregivers supervise children in the family’s home, giving parents time to take care of themselves, focus on their spouse or other children, and come back revitalized.

Unlimited Possibilities’ in-home Respite program is designed to support a child or adult with a developmental disability and enables them to remain in a positive environment while relieving the family of the responsibilities associated with disability care.

Our program is based on the principles of inclusion, normalization, and self-reliance. Respite Workers receive regular training to provide developmentally appropriate activities for your family member’s needs. 

We believe that Respite enhances the growth, development, and revitalization of both the individual and family members served. Our Respite Workers supervise individuals in the family’s home, giving parents or guardians time to take care of themselves, focus on their spouse or other children, and return recharged. Our Respite Workers are well equipped to provide services that promote the safety and wellbeing of your loved one at every stage of life, from age 3 throughout adulthood.

Serving all of Orange County, UP provides trained Respite Workers for individuals with special needs and their families, giving parents or guardians an opportunity to leave the home with peace of mind while they are away or taking care of other essential responsibilities.

Respite Workers, under the direction of the guardians and within Unlimited Possibilities’ policy, can provide the following services*: 

  • Personal care and supervision in the home 
  • Medication distribution 
  • Self-help skill acquisition (toileting, dressing, feeding) 
  • Basic entertainment 
  • Behavior management 
  • Homework support 
  • Promotion of communication, self-care and social skills 
  • Supervision and stimulation with toys and activities 
  • Recreational activities within the community 
  • Transportation to and from activities 
  • Individualized services are to be reviewed and approved by Unlimited Possibilities Community Based Services Administration, and subject to change at their discretion.

To learn more about Unlimited Possibilities’ Respite program, please contact Michael Toliver, Director, Community Based Services: [email protected]

To learn if your family may qualify for Respite services, contact Regional Center of Orange County Intake and Assessment Department at [email protected] or 714.796.5354.