Inclusive Childcare & Personal Assistance

One-on-one aides work collaboratively with after school programs to properly assess, evaluate, and include children with disabilities in center activities. UP’s Personal Assistance program provides trained adult caregivers to support adults with developmental disabilities in existing day programs, home, or community settings.

For working families with a special needs child, finding a trusted childcare program can be a very challenging task.

Unlimited Possibilities’ Inclusive Childcare program aims to relieve this stressor for families in our community. Our program provides a safety net for parents and caregivers where skilled one-on-one aides work collaboratively with care center staff to provide inclusive support. This allows children with special needs to participate in activities alongside their peers and parents can have peace of mind knowing their child will receive the care they need while away at work or managing other responsibilities. UP’s Inclusive Childcare program is available to qualified, school-aged children with a disability and/or developmental delay who participate in traditional childcare programs. Our on-site Inclusion Facilitators are able to work one-on-one with children in pre-school, childcare, and afterschool programs such as Boys and Girls Clubs and school districts throughout Orange County.

UP’s Inclusive Childcare program provides an aide to partner with your child within their traditional childcare setting or afterschool program. This undivided attention ensures your child is receiving the hands-on support they need to thrive within their environment, no matter their circumstance or diagnosis. Services are paid for either partially or fully by Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC).

UP’s one-on-one aides, Inclusion Facilitators, will collaborate with afterschool programs to properly assess, evaluate, and include your child within the in-center activities. Through the support of UP, children with disabilities are able to have a safer and more enriched experience. Inclusion Facilitators are pre-screened and receive ongoing training to ensure that they are reliable, compassionate, and trustworthy. The ultimate vision of this program is for every child served to gain the skills necessary to independently participate within their childcare environment.

Inclusive Childcare is typically provided during after school hours while the parent or guardian is working. We work on a case-by-case basis to identify the individual needs of each family. Full day Inclusive Childcare may also be available during school breaks and summer months.

To learn more about Unlimited Possibilities’ Inclusive Childcare program, please contact Michael Toliver, Senior Manager, Community Based Services: [email protected].

To learn if your family may qualify for Inclusive Childcare, contact Regional Center of Orange County Intake and Assessment Department at [email protected] or 714.796.5354.

Childcare Partners

UP is proud to partner with several schools, cities, Boys & Girls Clubs, and childcare providers throughout Orange County. Current partners include: